Darryl Sutter’s bilateral iguinal hernia repar

Los Angeles KStanley Cup Darryl Sutter bilateral iguinal herniaing’s head coach, Darryl Sutter, recently underwent a  bilateral inguinal hernia repair utilizing the latest operative robot technology. Dr. Daniel Marcus, Co-director of the ROX Hernia Center, performed the operation with the Da Vinci robot at Marina Del Rey hospital.

Could heaving this year’s Stanley Cup above his head have caused these hernias to develop? Well, that is certainly a possibility. However, it is more likely that Darryl’s hernias developed a long time ago and have been getting larger slowly.

Groin hernias (aka inguinal hernias) are more commonly found in males, but are also seen in women.  Typical symptoms include pain in groin area, and a visible and palpable bulge, that is especially prominent with straining. Patients with groin hernias should have them repaired and should avoid heaving lifting and strenuous activities.

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