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Hernia Mesh Infection: Inguinal Hernia Defect Repair

This is a 35 year old male who presented with an exposed and grossly infected right groin mesh. The patient had previously undergone a laparascopic right inguinal hernia repair with permanent mesh in Israel. His first repair failed and he then underwent a second repair attempt by another surgeon in London, England using a direct open approach. The patient then moved to Los Angeles, and several years later, noted a foul smelling fluid leaking from his groin. He spent about eight months meeting with various surgeons and did not feel comfortable having surgery with them. He then met with Dr. Marcus and decided to have this problem repaired. Together with Dr. Brenner, Dr. Marcus created an operation that would remove the infected mesh. Due to both the severity and long duration of the infection, Dr. Brenner decided to reconstruct the resulting defect with a large and well-vascularized muscle from the right thigh. The patient has healed very well and, at four months post-op, has regained almost his entire thigh strength.

Operation: Correction of hernia mesh infection; Direct excision of infected and exposed groin and intra-abdominal mesh, Reconstruction with a pedicled Rectus Femoris Muscle Flap.